An Amazing Month

This past month of May presented to our students many opportunities to grow, learn and to share with their classmates and the broader school community.  When meeting with the children today, I talked about how these opportunities come to them because of the generosity of the amazing teaching and support staff here at St. Augustine’s ~ and that expressions of gratitude should underlay their responses to what is done for them by our school staff.

The month was brim-filled – culminating with Intermediate and Mini Camp days last week. 
These photos give viewers a glimpse of the diverse activities and experiences that they all shared.
Thanks to all the students who did much to be outstanding ‘campers’ – and for the many big and little things that they did to help one another.

Many students have taken part in our Spring running club – as did a number of staff members who sponsored these events.  The Spring Musical, “At the Bandstand” was so successful … students love the music, and sang and danced their way through months of practice and 3 performances.    

We had try-outs for our annual “Talent Show” and with 88 acts, it should be quite the event! On June 9th. 

Thank you to everyone for supporting our young people!

Photos: Donna O'Hara & Helena Diogo

camp2 camp8 camp3 camp5 camp4 camp1 camp6 camp7

The students in Grade 6 and Grade 7 had the opportunity to learn how a quilt is made this past term.

On February 29th the art of hand quilting was demonstrated by 3 members of the Highland United Church Quilters Guild. We will have the quilt ready for April 22nd which is just in time for the Auction at our annual Pass the Torch event. Visit the ‘CREATE’ board in the Learning Commons to see the wide array of visual arts and textiles that some of the students have crafted.

Photos: Colleen Beggs


Learning New Skills

quilting2 AdventConcert7

CISVA Champions

St. Augustine grade 6 boys’ basketball team are the CISVA champions.  After going undefeated in league play and winning the Vancouver College Emerald tournament, the boys entered the Catholic Schools playoffs. The playoffs were held at the Richmond Oval and after the 2 days of competition, our boys emerged as the Champions. 

We would like to congratulate the boys and their two coaches for their outstanding accomplishments in basketball and thank all the parents that supported the team.

Photos: Donna O'Hara

basketball2 basketball
quilting3 quilting4 quilting5
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Parents: No more writing out absentee notes for your kids!

St. Augustine School provides an email link where you can send notes about the details of your child's absenteeism from school. Just click the icon above to send the mail to the school office.

Include your child's name, your name, the date and the reason for the absenteeism. Hit "send" and you're done!

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Fall Campaign 2015

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On Holy Thursday, our students took part in an all-day retreat. The day was broken into 4 sessions which focused on the passion and death of Jesus. Each session began in the gym with prayer, song and the acting out of scripture readings. Then students would return to their classrooms and work on activities suited to their levels. It is one of our most important days for our students, staff and the alumni and parents who join us.

In celebrating the Risen Lord, we presented the Stations of the Resurrection at our first assembly after Easter. This was a new, and probably will become an annual, celebration of this 50 days of the Easter Season!

Photos: Donna O'Hara


Holy Thursday Retreat

GoodThursday1 GoodThursday3 GoodThursday2

Grade 6 and 7 learning

Over the past few weeks, the grade 6 and 7 students have been working in mixed grade groups on a special inquiry-based project. They could choose any topic that the group wanted to learn about as long as there was a connection to water.  Science experiments, mythology, art, naval warfare and natural disasters were only some of the topics studied. The students enjoyed sharing the workload, capitalizing on different gifts and talents and getting to know the students in the other grade better. We would like to thank all the parents who were able to come to the presentations;  your support is much appreciated.

Photos: Donna O'Hara

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A much-loved tradition here at St. Augustine's has been
FUN DAY (originally called Sports' Day) - and after 2 years without all that fun, the day was a huge success.

Thanks to the primary teachers under Ms. Moffat's leadership, the day was well-planned and was happy, exciting, playful, and loud! With a different space in which to host the event, great house team leaders with the Grade 7's, a faithful group of generous parents to support us with food distribution, stations and other needs, and a staff that is always eager to get involved, - it was a wonderful time for all!

Photos: Helena Diogo


FUN DAY is back!

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A Message of Encouragement and

by Steve Hnatiuk


Fourteen years ago, our young family had the good fortune to become part of this community. My name is Steve Hnatiuk. My wife Chiara and I are the parents of Katia, one of this year’s graduates. We have two older children, Lizzie and Max - also graduates of St. Augustine’s - and one future graduate, Paulina, in grade four.

On behalf of the Grade 7 parents, it is my privilege to speak to our 2016 Graduating Class and to the teachers and staff of our school.

First, to our graduates. Soon you will pass out of the doors of St. Augustine’s and new doors will open in front of you. Not just as you head into high school, but throughout your lives. Behind each new door will be change, challenge, and opportunities that you cannot yet imagine. In the many years ahead, I can assure you that you will reflect back upon your years at St. Augustine’s as an incredible time in your lives.

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Photos: Anna Yule


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