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Parents: No more writing out absentee notes for your kids!

St. Augustine School provides an email link where you can send notes about the details of your child's absenteeism from school. Just click the icon above to send the mail to the school office.

Include your child's name, your name, the date and the reason for the absenteeism. Hit "send" and you're done!

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St. Augustine's is currently seeking a full time Building Maintenance Person.

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Each month, usually the first Wednesday, our school community goes to pray together at mass.

This month, the grade 6 students hosted the mass; they welcomed the other grades as they arrived, did the readings and intentions and assisted Father Andrew as altar servers. In preparation for the mass, the hosting class practices their roles and discusses the theme or focus of the readings. October's theme dealt with having gratitude and giving thanks.

Thank you grade 6 and Mrs. Vales for your service and leadership at mass. We invite all parents, families and parishioners to join us for monthly school masses.

October School Mass

SchoolMass2 SchoolMass1

Photos: Nancy Vales


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Seniors Lunch

Seniorslunch4 Seniorslunch2

The Seniors at St. Augustine Parish are extremely supportive of and very generous to our parish and school.  

To thank them for all that they have and continue to do for the community, the school hosted a luncheon for them. Mrs. Oberndorf and the grade 7 students prepared, served and hosted the lunch. The meal was homemade soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches followed by homemade carrot cake. 

The school appreciates all that the seniors do for us and the students really enjoy spending time with them. The next Seniors’ lunch is early in December.

Photos: Donna O'Hara

Seniorslunch1 Seniorslunch3

Again this year, the grade 4 class and their teacher Mrs. McFaul organized the Terry Fox Run for the school. The students lead an assembly during which Terry Fox’s life and achievements were presented. From their presentation, it is easy to understand why Terry Fox is truly a great Canadian Hero. After the assembly, all students in grades 2 – 7 walked, jogged or ran around the block while the younger students stayed inside the playground for their run. Students were asked to bring a $2 donation and all proceeds went to the Terry Fox Foundation.

Photos: Donna O'Hara


Terry Fox Run

On September 24th, the St. Augustine Staff hosted the dinner that was auctioned off at our annual Pass the Torch Fundraiser. Our school entrance way was turned into a fine dining area and our Learning Commons hosted the “pre-dinner” social and appetizers. All staff contribute in some way by either setting up, cooking, serving or cleaning. Our guests this year were current parents, alumni parents, parishioners and even two alumni students. We are grateful that they successfully bid on our item and hope that we might see them again next year.

Photos: Michael Yaptinchay

Teachers' Dinner

TeachersDinner1 TeachersDinner2 TeachersDinner3

Family Groups

Familygroups1 Familygroups2

Throughout the year, students take part in a number of different Family Group activities

A “family group” is made up of one student from each of our classes with the grade 7 student being the leader. The purpose of the groupings are to help students get to know each other better and to offer an opportunity for the older students to develop their leadership skills. The first activity was on October 3 and focused on Thanksgiving. Students prayed together and learned a little bit of the history of the holiday. They shared their ideas about the people, things and opportunities that they have for which they are thankful and then created a Thanksgiving card for their parents. 

Photos: Donna O'Hara

Familygroups3 Familygroups4 SchoolMass3 SchoolMass4

Thursday, January 5th, 2017
at 7:00pm in the School gym. 

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Fall Campaign 2016

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