Voices of the Fall Campaign

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Paul & Melissa Meehan

Paul Meehan:

Good Morning …we are the Meehan Family. Paul, Melissa, Olivia, Elliot and Lennox. Melissa and I have been parishioners for over 15 years. In fact, our family got started right in the heart of the parish and school community… we lived in the red brick townhomes right across the school for the first few years of our marriage.

We have Olivia in Grade 4, Elliot in Grade 3 and Lennox in Kindergarten.

Sad to say, we don’t live across the street anymore. That would have been really handy….like really. Did I mention we have 3 kids in school?

Even before we had children…we knew we wanted our children to go to St. Augustine’s. We always loved seeing the bright and smiling faces of the kids at the school. We, like many of you now, loved seeing the kids come to mass in their uniforms at this time of year…we loved knowing our parish had such a beautiful and important school, and felt compelled to start donating to Faith and Foundation with the hopes that our children would be part of this beautiful new school. Our prayers were most certainly answered. Olivia was part of the last Kindergarten class in the old school – leaky roof and all.

With little Lennox now in Kindergarten…All three of our kids are now lucky enough to be growing and learning in their faith at St. Augustine’s school. We are just so happy. It has made a huge and positive impact on our home life….there is a peaceful feeling…knowing our kids and our whole family is thriving within a faith based community.

At St. Augustine’s we know that our kids are not just being taught, they are being surrounded by people of purpose, people of conviction. Our children are being guided be people of hope.

Students of St. Augustine’s are led and inspired by people who believe in the more-ness of faith. It’s really wonderful...the more-ness.

That is really what any parent really wants for their children…more.

That is what St. Augustine’s offers…more.

Our school offers more access to people of faith, more daily connection to the Catholic values we hold dear. St. Augustine’s has gifted us with more friendships - relationships with amazing families.

And that is exactly what we are asking of you now…we are asking you for more. We are asking you help the school deliver MORE of what makes it special. We want you to do what you can to support the Faith and Foundation campaign.


Melissa Meehan:

We as a family are so grateful for what the school and this community has brought to our lives and how we have grown because of that. We are so grateful for the continued generosity of our parishoners. Each of your donations has directly impacted our childrens’ lives and enabled us to all grown and flourish together.

Thank you!

Together we have built this beautiful school and together we can work to have it completed.

In 2018 the families of the school have donated just over $280,000 and the parish has very generously donated nearly $22,000 during our Fall Campaign so far. Thank you!

We are truly blessed and we are grateful for the donations to date. We would love to see more, in fact we need more donations to reach our fundraising goal this year, so please any amount makes a world of difference as we are working together as a community to achieve our goals. Thank you so much.