2018 Yearbooks

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1. Please choose two or three of your favourite ones and email them to: st.augustineschoolyearbook@gmail.com


2. If you have a larger amount that you’d like to submit, please drop off a CD or USB drive with Heidi Battiston at the school office. We will return it to you after we copy the pictures.

You can also email us and we’ll send you a link to a drop box.

If you’ve taken photos on field trips or at school events, we would love to have your favourite photos!

If you would like to purchase a back-copy of last year's book, click here and you will be directed to the yearbook storefront where
you can place your purchase. It will be shipped directly to your address.

Ways to submit photos:

Phone quality is usually good for us to use. Please don’t compress the files or submit screen-shots.

We appreciate your assistance in