Your support is vital

Each year in February our families receive a letter in their registration packages asking for an annual financial commitment to the school building fund. Families can make this commitment through a one-time donation or monthly pledge either in the spring or fall. In 2017, nearly 98 percent of school families made a contribution to our building fund. For several years now, we have encouraged families to consider making a donation of $1250 per year (one child) and $1500 (for two or more children).

We also continue to be supported by parish families and individuals who do not have children in the school as they give during the Fall Campaign and participate in Pass the Torch events. Approximately 50 percent of all funds raised since the start of our campaign in 2001 have come from families without children in the school.


Building our school phase by phase

Phase Two of our new school project was completed in June, 2017 with the construction of five classrooms on the third floor.  This will enable the school to continue double-streaming into grade 3 in time for the new school year in September. This was completed on-time and on-budget. 

The continued financial support of St. Augustine families is critical to completing our new school. In British Columbia, public funding of independent schools is limited to approximately 50 percent of the cost of educating a student. There is no public funding for land or buildings. The parish will finance every phase of the new school building project and is currently holding a mortgage of approximately $4 million. 

Our third and last phase includes improved parking, an expanded playing field and a new gymnasium. Before planning can begin the Parish needs to pay off its mortgage and demonstrate the financial capacity assume more debt.


Getting Involved

You can get involved in the Campaign in a variety of ways. Here are a few:

For more information:

Christine Guzman
Campaign Coordinator

Colleen Vinnick
Campaign Assistant

St. Augustine’s Parish
2028 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1T4
604 736-4455 ext. 231


Donation Forms:

St. Augustine School
New Family Donation Form

St. Augustine School
Family Donation Form

Parishioner Donation Form

Donors can pledge an amount per year that they can manage, and commit to that amount over a number of years, making the donation even more significant. This is an ideal way for people with modest financial means to support our cause.

For those of more substantial means, we ask that you please consider making a significant donation to our school. The cost of construction in Vancouver is high, and we’re in need of larger donations to help us reach our goal in time.

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Help Us Finish Our School.