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Grade 4 - Term 3 Overview 2014-2015


As this term begins during Lent, the students will be participating in rituals and prayers of the season to prepare for Easter. They are taking part in leadership for the Stations of the Cross hosted for the school at the church on Friday, March 27th. The students will also be reading and reflecting on the parables told by Jesus and making connections with the First Nations’ stories traditionally told by tribe elders. During the month of May, students will pray the Rosary and examining additional Marian Feasts and stories. As well, students will continue to grow in their understanding of their role as stewards of the environment by identifying what causes harm to salmon. They will also lead the school for the Earth Day celebration and clean-up on Wednesday, April 22nd.  As Christians, they will develop an understanding of how they are called to be responsible for all people as they learn about children in Kenya and find ways to provide support through leadership with Wacky Hat and Sock Day on Friday, May 8th when they will bake and sell treats to raise funds for the Enelerai community.  


Language Arts:

We begin with the class read-a-loud A Simple Case of Angels by Caroline Adderson. The students have also been given the novel Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo to read for a novel study.  Both books are beautiful stories with many opportunities for thoughtful reflections.  These are stories you too may delight in reading and share time discussing with your child.  We will be exploring the elements of the novel with a focus on relationships.  Many topics stemming from the novel, such as friendship and acceptance of differences, will be integrated into our Religion program.  Later we will read the book Iqbal by Francesco D’Adamo to develop an understanding of how many children are treated in developing countries.  The students will be part of Literature Circles and will be given weekly assignments to present in a small group setting.  

As well, students will continue to expand their knowledge of writing multi-paragraphs that focus on descriptive and compound sentence structures.  Impromptu writing will be practiced frequently. There will be continued emphasis on grammar and identifying parts of speech.  In addition, various forms of poetry will be introduced, while students also discuss themes and images in poems. Oral speaking will be emphasized as they present poetry, stories and factual information in both small and large group settings. As a group, they will be preparing and presenting a song for the school presentation of The Rock Slinger and His Greatest Hit.



In Math, the students will explore fractions and decimals, with a focus on comparing fractions and connecting fractions to decimals.  They will complete a geometry unit and explore graphing through data analysis.  The students will extend their understanding of multiplication and division.  Thank-you to those of you who have been diligently working with your child on review and practice of basic facts.  It will certainly make a difference to your child as the questions become more complex and require automatic recall of the facts for greatest success.



We are continuing to raise our salmon provided from Fisheries and Oceans and study their progress.  We will be releasing our Coho salmon into Beaver Creek at Stanley Park in the afternoon of Thursday, April 23rd.  To put closure to this theme the students will be studying habitats and the needs for animal survival in the forest at Burnaby Lake, where they will be participating in an all-day fieldtrip at The Seymour Hatchery on Friday, May 1. Please note these dates as we will need your support with driving and supervision. Science is shifting focus from habitats and communities to many interactive activities with light and sound.


Social Studies:

During the third term, we will continue to develop our understanding of First Nations’ culture and lifestyle by exploring various themes: Ceremonies and beliefs, trade and warfare, and economy. We will take part in the Pole Walk program at the Museum of Anthropology on Friday, April 17th.  The highlight of the term will be our We Stand Together celebration on Wednesday, June 3rd which will focus on the significant contributions of our First Nations people to Canadian Culture and will also explore some of the issues they currently face. This event will be led by your children and will include speeches, story-telling, art, music and food.


Health and Career:

In Health and Career, the students will be beginning the Friends for Life program to further develop their social-emotional skills.  Through character analysis in the class novels, they will be considering what makes a good friend and their role in friendships.  They will continue to explore and implement the work by Dr. Carol S. Dweck on “Mindsets” as they work on developing positive attitudes toward their own learning.  Students will also be expected to assume a variety of assigned roles when contributing and communicating in groups while listening and showing respect for the ideas of others.  Just before summer break, the grade fours will identify the many ways they can demonstrate safety, with an emphasis on bike safety.  



The students will explore a variety of materials including paper, chalk and oil pastels and paint. They will be developing an understanding of First Nations’ art and applying First Nations’ artistic style to their own work.