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Grade 5 - Term 2 Overview 2014-2015


In addition to praying through the Liturgical calendar seasons, significant feast days, and living the sacraments, the focus for term 2 is on Social Justice through environmental stewardship. We will also study vocations. Students will be expected to know and understand the prayer for vocations.



Multiplication and division of whole numbers will continue to be a focus this term. The consolidation of math facts is still a goal for some students this term. Problem solving will also be a continuous focus.

This term we will learn about measurement including perimeter and area of rectangles, volume and capacity. Fractions and decimals will also be studied. We will be using Math Makes Sense as our main textbook for Math as well as Jump Math and supplementary activity sheets.


Language Arts

Paragraph, grammar and spelling skills will be an ongoing focus second term. We will continue work with Cornerstones, Communicating Skills and Daily Language Review programs. We will be reading various novels this term including a novel study. Students will use a variety of reading strategies and literature circle roles to respond to and discuss the novel they are studying. Students will learn how to research, take notes and come to conclusions about information presented in various forms as they prepare for their learning fair project. We will also continue work on oral language skills through discussions and presentations including an “extra, extra read all about me,” poster about themselves. Poetry and imaginative writing will also continue to be enjoyed this term.



Second term Science will focus on earth’s natural resources. Student’s will explore both renewable and non-renewable resources and the way that they are harvested, extracted and processed into products we use every day. This will be connected to our Social Studies theme as students explore how resources influenced the settlement and development of Canada and inquire about the sustainability of our current practices. Canada’s natural resources will be the focus of the Learning Fair in February.

Social Studies

Social Studies will be integrated with Science as students study Canada’s natural resources, their effects on the settlement of communities, transportation and examine sustainability. Students will be looking at the relationship between economic development of communities and their available resources. Students will continue to learn about Canadian identity and explore what it means to be a member of a community.


Visual Arts

Visual Arts will be connected to our natural resource theme as we explore artists who either use or highlight the natural environment in their work. Students will inquire about different artist’s techniques and the messages they are portraying as they experiment with different forms of art inspired by these artists. Some of the artists we will be studying will include Andy Goldsworthy, George Littlechild, Emily Carr and Andrew Dexel.


Health and Career

Many aspects of the Career & Health Education program are integrated into the various other subjects, such as P.E., Religion, Science and Language Arts. Themes that will be explored this term include the influence of media in our lives, positive role models, vocations and substance misuse prevention.