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Grade 6 - Term 2 Overview 2014-2015


The focus in Religion will continue to center around our class prayer table where we read and listen to Scripture, share intentions, and discuss how to apply our understanding of God’s word to daily living. Students will also review and be expected to know the 10 Commandments and relate this to their own lives. Towards the end of the term, we will begin Lenten preparations and deepen our understanding of this important time as Catholics.

The school theme of “Living the Joy of the Gospel” is ongoing and incorporated into many discussions and activities. Linked with this theme is a growing understanding of outreach and social justice through a variety of 'giving' projects (ie: Sancta Maria House, Men’s Hostel, etc).

Please note: The Grade Six class is hosting the February Mass on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 at 9:30 am.


Language Arts:

The students will continue to read in order to construct, monitor, and confirm meaning. They will be making inferences, drawing conclusions, and summarizing and synthesizing information as they read (focus on short stories and articles) and respond to questions targeted at developing these skills.

Students will be provided with some silent reading opportunities within class time, but it is imperative that they also read daily at home as this is an essential component of the students developing their literacy skills. Helping your child choose books that deal with social situations and discussing dilemmas, choices, and consequences can also provide you with the opportunity to discuss some of life’s challenges in a “safe” context. Weekly trips to the library are also a wonderful outing that the whole family can enjoy!

Three times a week, students enjoy listening to a featured novel being read aloud by the teacher. This novel relates and supports themes being discussed in other subjects. The discussions and thought provoking questions that surface engage students to think about world issues and personal struggles that others may face.

In addition, the Grade Sixes will continue to develop and expand their writing through descriptive and more complex paragraphs, journal reflections (personal response), poetry, and writing in other subject areas (see Social Studies project on researching students' cultural heritage). Editing (focusing on spelling, run-ons, and clarity) and grammar skills will be an on-going focus.



The students will continue to expand their understanding of "Shape and Space" as they explore:

Quick and accurate recall of multiplication and division facts always helps a child's confidence and success in Math. Thank you for your continued efforts to review these with your child.



In Term Two, we will shortly complete "Life Sciences" and then move onto our next major unit of study, Electricity. Students will:

We will have an in-class field trip from "High Touch, High Tech" (date to be announced). This will be an exciting opportunity for students to have hands-on learning related to electricity. Also, as noted at our Open House, a field trip to the Power House at Stave Falls is scheduled for Friday, April 10th (will be an ALL DAY event).


Social Studies:

Students will continue to examine a variety of cultures (continuing with study of Japan) and how they compare to that of Canada's, examine poverty and distribution of wealth in our world today, and explore the challenges faced by aboriginal peoples. Discussions on current events will also occur and students are encouraged to bring in articles related to this topic.

As you are aware, for our “Learning Day” in late February, students will create a project researching and examining their CULTURAL HERITAGE. They will be expected to have written research displayed in a creative way, as well as a variety of visual components to enhance their understanding and topic. There will be an oral presentation, as well, that the students will be working on soon. Details will be sent out and, of course, parents are more than welcome to come in and enjoy these! As you already are aware, specific criteria and guidelines have been sent out. Learning Fair takes place on February 26th and 27th (in conjunction with our Three-Way Conferences).


Health and Career:

In Health and Career Education, we will be exploring the following topics:

In preparation for our Three-Way Conferences, we will examine goal-setting for the term (academic, social, spiritual, and physical). These goals will be shared with you during the conferences.

Personal organization, time management, and effective use of the planners will continue to be essential to meet deadlines and completing assignments.



The students will continue to explore the elements of design in Art. We will look at artists and their artwork from a variety of cultures. In fact, a major component of the students' Learning Fair project will be to choose an artist from their heritage, research his/ her life and art, and create an interpretation of the artist's work for display. As well, students will demonstrate their ability to mount and display both written text and pictures using effective layout, design, and colour in relation to their Social Studies projects.



I am excited about the term to come and look forward to the learning that will happen! I hope that this overview provides you and your child an opportunity to discuss what is to come. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call me.


Many blessings to you all for a very joy-filled and healthy 2015!


Nancy Vales