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Grade 7 - Term 3 Overview 2014 - 2015

During the third term, much of our focus and time will be spent preparing for the reception of Confirmation and on bringing closure to your child’s years at St. Augustine School.  Other highlights or significant events include: the trip to Victoria, camp, musical, and our Farewell mass and assembly. Please watch the calendar for the dates so that you are able to join us for them.



Our class’ prayer time will continue to provide the opportunity to break open the Word of God as well as discuss issues and topics that are of importance to the students’ social/emotional/physical development.  In preparation for Confirmation, the students will work on understanding the rite and rituals of the sacrament, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, the Beatitudes and the duties and responsibilities of a confirmed Christian. The handouts given at the parent retreat in the Fall and Confirmed in the Spirit text, will be used to guide the lessons and discussions. As well, students will create their crests and complete a project on a saint.

All day student retreat.  – Friday, May 1 - 8:40 – 2:30 at the Parish Center

Confirmation – Monday May 11 – 7:00 pm mass at St. Augustine.


Language Arts

Poetry, graphic novels and short stories will be used to develop reading comprehension skills with focus on symbolism, metaphors and bias.  Students will use a variety of different styles of writing throughout all subject areas.  The focus will be on developing reflective, summative and creative pieces.  A major writing assignment is undertaken later in the term.  Each student will write a farewell or valedictory speech and present it to the class.  One student will be chosen to present his/her speech at the Farewell ceremony. Students will continue to work on clarifying and articulating their opinions and ideas during oral discussions.  

All grade 7 students will take part in the annual musical. The class will practice and present a group choral piece in the play.


Social Studies

The students will continue to develop their understanding of the life and times of the ancient civilizations.  The focus in the third term is on Ancient Greece and contrasting / comparing specific aspects of daily life in different ancient civilizations.  The students will work on using technology to produce mini projects.



The students will continue to work within MathLinks following the same routines and expectations as in the first two terms.  The concepts deal with measurement, statistics and probability.  Students will: construct perpendicular and parallel line segments and bisectors, apply a formula to determine the area of triangles, circles and parallelograms; collect, display and analyze data using measures of variability; express probability as ratios, fractions and percents; create and solve problems using probability and demonstrate understanding of central tendency.


The focus is in Biological/Ecological Studies. Topics being studied include: the interdependence and connectedness of all living things, the roles and interactions of living things in ecosystems and the human impact on ecosystems. Attendance and participation at camp help students to experience many of these concepts in the natural environment.


Health and Career Education

Students continue to develop their gifts and talents and to find ways to offer them in service and leadership roles. As well, career awareness and substance abuse are topics that the students will be discussing.



Many of the learning outcomes for Art continue to be dealt with as part of the work done in other subject areas. The concepts of space, design, emotion and movement, strategies such as distortion and exaggeration and the use of technology to create artworks will be the focus.



Important dates in term 3 – It will be a busy term, please mark your calendars and join us for as many events as you are able. Specific details for each will be sent home closer to the dates.


Thursday April 2 – Holy Thursday all day retreat lead by grade 7

Friday April 17 – St. Patrick’s High School Play 11:30 – 2:15

Thursday April 23 – Trip to Victoria – 5:30 am – 7:00 pm

Friday May 1 – All day Confirmation Retreat – 8:40 – 2:30 at Parish Center

Wednesday May 6 – Musical (matinee and evening performance)

Monday May 11 - Confirmation

May 19 – 22 – Camp

Thursday May 28 – Lawn bowling – 10:00 at Vancouver Lawn Bowling (Fir and 15th)

Monday June 8 – Talent Show

Wednesday June 10 - Grade 7 Parent Social Gathering

Friday June 12 – Grade 7 Students surprise

Thursday June 18 – Grade 7 Farewell

- Assembly 10:30

- Mass, ceremony and reception 7:00