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French - All Grades 2013-2014

Bonjour et bienvenue a la classe de Francais avec Mme. Bourassa!

This year, my focus is to provide the children at St. Augustine’s with as many opportunities as possible to practice their oral French!

The Primary French (K-3) program is predominantly oral with minimal writing to encourage the children to gain confidence with the language. This includes activities such as: asking and responding to questions in French, practicing gestures, repeating vocabulary and singing songs.

The Intermediate French program (4-7) expands to include guided question and answer exercises in partners, as a class, and one on one with me. Additionally, I introduce verbs, verb conjugation, sentence writing, written homework assignments (once/week), assignments, long term group and individual projects, and written and oral quizzes (once/month).

Below, I have provided a more detailed overview of what will be taught in the first term for each grade:


K – 3:


Grade 4:

Grade 5:

Grade 6:

Grade 7:

I will be teaching French on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as half day Wednesdays.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the curriculum or how your child is progressing in class.

I look forward to providing a fun and exciting French program for your children this year!


Mrs. Audrey Bourassa