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Music - All Grades 2013-2014

Welcome to Music! Mr. Arntzen is now a Level II Orff music teacher, thanks to course work this summer. Our St. Augustine’s music program will increasingly utilize the Orff-Schulwerk system of music instruction, recognized as an excellent teaching method worldwide. In grades 1 through 6, we are focused on learning elemental musical skills (singing, body percussion, keeping the beat steady) and to play Orff instruments (xylophones, glockenspiels, recorders and drums). We have started off the year playing the blues on various instruments and learning about the history of the Blues.

New for this year, the Grade 6s will learn the Alto recorder. The Grade 7 students are studying the guitar, advancing guitar techniques first introduced in Grade 6. After the Christmas break Grades 5 through 7 will experience the music and history of Handel. Meanwhile, Grade 4 will learn to play the recorder. In Choir, we are busy preparing music for our school masses, community concerts, our Remembrance Day Assembly and Advent Concert. The whole school practices singing Mass music every week in our Thursday assemblies, great for school spirit!

Tom Arntzen,
Music Teacher


In Kindergarten Music this term we will:

In Grade 1 Music this term we will:

In Grade 2 Music this term we will:

In Grade 3 Music this term we will:

In Grade 4 Music this term we will:

In Grade 5 Music this term we will:

In Grade 6 Music this term we will:

In Grade 7 Music this term we will:


Concepts are prepared by singing, playing and listening. Students experience music (prepare) before labeling it (practice)

After experiencing a new concept, students label (present) the concept. Presenting a concept is when the teacher makes the concept conscious to the students.

After being presented, the concept is practiced and reinforced.

Assessment will occur in the following manners: competency- observational within group, one-on-on, solo performance.