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PE - Overview  2013-2014 All Grades

The Physical Education program at St. Augustine is designed to incorporate the learning outcomes as outlined in the BC Ministry of Education Physical Education Curriculum.  Each unit is designed to promote fitness levels and sport-specific skill development in a progression from Kindergarten through Grade 7. 

Classes begin with warm-up and inspection to ensure students are prepared to safely participate in the day’s activities.  Warm-ups incorporate specific muscle groups which will be targeted during class and consist of cardiovascular, strengthening, and stretching exercises.  In each term, one of the curricular elements of Safety, Fair Play, and Leadership is emphasized.  Students are expected to demonstrate these attributes to the best of their ability throughout the year.  

The following overview provides an outline of the units of study planned to develop students’ skill levels.  By the end of Grade 7, students will be able to participate in a variety of physical activities ranging from recreational to competitive levels.  All students are encouraged to pursue physical activities they enjoy to establish the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.


View the PE curriculum for all grades.