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Story Archive

Friday, June 15 was definitely a FUN DAY at the school! The weather could not have been better, and the joy and laughter and spirits of collaboration, fun, and team work filled our school! Thank you to Mrs. Patzer and the Fun Day team, all staff, and parent volunteers for making this such a fun and memorable day!

Access the shared Fun Day 2018 photo album and upload your own photos: FUN DAY 2018.

More photos courtesy of Bien Matute here.

After over 25 years away, St. Augustine School was given a very warm welcome back from the other 38 Catholic schools at Swangard Stadium at this year's CISVA Track & Field Championship. Close to 70 students from our school enjoyed a couple of days of fun, teamwork, competition, and success at this annual track meet. Thank you to all our coaches and parent volunteers who help make this season possible. We are looking forward to next year already! Go Lions!

Photos of our first track meet of the season can be found here: Friars' Track Meet, and the CISVA Championships here: CISVA Track 2018

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To the grade 7 class of 2018, we are so very proud of you. On behalf of your teachers, staff, and school community, it has been a privilege to have seen you grow up to be the fine young individuals you are today. May your years ahead continue to be characterized by empathy, compassion, a willingness to take risks and initiative, and, most importantly, marked by the Christian values that you have learned at home with your parents and strengthened at St. Augustine School and Parish.

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< Video by Michael Yaptinchay

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