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Last week, Father Bonga gave a presentation on his life as an Oblate priest. The main points of his presentation were to: love your parents, be grateful, be happy, know that everyone is a child of God, and be thankful for your teachers. I believe the two most important points are is to know that everyone is a child of God and to be grateful for all that we have. There is so much that we have and get to do that others around the world do not or cannot have or get. We need to appreciate and be grateful for what we do have. Father also spoke about how he was inspired to become an Oblate Priest. His inspiration came from an Oblate who was born in France but did missionary work in South Africa. Father Bonga came to know of the Oblates through this priest. Father also spoke about how, as a young person, he loved the look of the cross. He thought about the cross a lot. We were all very intrigued and inspired by Father Bonga’s presentation and by his love and enthusiasm for life.


Written by: James, a grade 7 student.